Spag Lemon Tea Powder 800gm


  • Powder Form
  • Organic
  • Box Container

Directions of use: Store in cool, dry & Hygienic place. Keep it away from the children.
Once opened, transfer the contents of the pack into an air tight container.

Available @ 800 gm.

In stock 9 × 3 × 12 cm 0.1 kg , , .


Spag Herbals Organic lemon Tea is an excellent free alternative to sugar-laden beverages and helps if you are following a stringent diet regimen. It also helps with various health issues, such as cold or nasal congestion. Hot cup of lemon tea is scientifically known to have helped people suffering from symptoms of a common cold. Drinking lemon tea (whether hot or cold) in measured quantities helps aid weight loss, as it flushes the toxins out of the body and enhances the metabolism. The health benefits mainly come from the fact that it cleanses the body by expelling toxins from the system that might be the root cause of diseases and infections. Lemon is known to increase insulin resistance, which helps to reduce fat levels in the body.

Key Benefits

It tastes like regular tea that one usually consumes

It is easy to make, Natural and Organic It is low on calories thus one can consume without guilt

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 9 × 3 × 12 cm


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