Organic Brahmi Oil


  • For Men & Women
  • Suitable For Damaged Hair, All Hair Types, Dull Hair, Thin Hair, Dry Hair, Normal Hair, Oily Hair
  • Applied For Hair Thickening, Lustre & Shine, Split-ends, Removing Lice, Hair Growth, Hair Growth, Healthy Scalp, Prevents Greying, Anti-dandruff, Anti-hair Fall
  • Sulfate Free
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Organic Brahmi Oil   100%

Brahmi Oil pacifies and destresses the body and the goodness in Brahmi and the root oil will stimulate hair growth in the region again.

Massaging Brahmi Oil can calm the mind and body. Studies have also shown it enhances brain function and brings clarity. This is help in overcoming anxiety. Meditation and Brahmi Oil massage can be a great combination to treat anxiety.

Dandruff is a condition where the flakes appear on the scalp. Brahmi Oil helps treat dandruff by improving scalp health and nourishing skin cells. It can also help treat dandruff due to fungi.

Brahmi Oil also promotes hair growth. It improves scalp health and also the health of individual hair strands. Brahmi Oil has been used to prevent hair fall for over a thousand years in ayurvedic systems.

Brahmi Oil is very effective in curing Alopecia Areata, a disorder in which the subject experiences loss of hair in certain patches. The disorders mostly occur when the immune system attacks hair follicles in a confused state due to stress.

Consuming Brahmi extracts and topically applying Brahmi Oil is an efficient method to lower blood pressure. It promotes relaxation, reduces stress and thus helps lower blood pressure.


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